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How to Configure Squid with Mysql DB authentication

Download squid source from
Copy the downloaded file to /tmp
Tar –zxvf squid-3.0.STABLE24.tar.gz
Cd squid-3.0.STABLE24
./configure --enable-basic-auth-helpers=DBmakemake install
Download Current Mysql5.1 Source RPM from
Copy MySQL-5.1.44-1.glibc23.src.rpm /tmp
Rpm –ivh MySQL-5.1.44-1.glibc23.src.rpm
Cd /usr/src/redhat/SPEC
Rpmbuid –bb mysql-5.1.44.spec
After compilation the RPM files will be in /usr/src/redhat/`uname –m`/RPMS
Cd /usr/src/redhat/`uname –m`/RPMS
Rpm –ivh MySQL-server-5.1.44-1.glibc23.ia64.rpm
The service will start automatically after installation
Here we are using Default Mysql database engine MyISAM (Non transactional Engine)
In a large application Database we will use Engine INNODB (Transactional engine).It has many configurable options to get mysql to work efficiently with maximum performance. The def…