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How to Configure YUM

Most of the beginners in Linux faces a big problem when they are deploying a package i.e.; dependency failure. To resolve this issue redhat introduced a technology called YUM.
YUM is a repository system contains information about packages and files inside every RPMs
Don’t worry about redhat repository .Create your own Yum repository in a local system and enjoy
Here we go

1. You must have all CDs used for Redhat installation
2. 3 GB partition formatted in ext3
3. Ftp service
4. Create repo package

Create a directory in / called yum

# mkdir /yum

Create one partition using fdisk with 3 gb size
After creating partition reboot the system or use partprob command to rebuild partition table

Format partition

# mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdX

Mount the newly created partition to /yum

# mount /dev/sdX /yum

Add the same to fstab for mounting at system startup

Mount your 1st CD to /mnt

# mount /dev/cdrom /mnt

Copy Server, Cluster, ClusterStorage, VT directories to /yum

# cp –ai /mnt/Server /yum
# cp –ai /mnt/Cluster /yum
# cp –ai /…